Dreaming of Code

Urge to Learn More

May 10, 2015

Ever since I wrote my first HTML 'Hello World' app a few years ago, I've gained this urge to learn more about web development. I quickly realized that developing websites and applications involves a lot more than just knowing a little bit of HTML. I then learned a bit of CSS, JavaScript, and then onto PHP after discovering WordPress. I also learned that a lot of time could be saved by using a responsive design framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation. These frameworks led me to learning SASS and similar preprocessors for CSS. You can see where this is heading. Learning one web technology leads me to discovering a new technology, framework, or programming language. Without having a passion for web development, I feel as though I would have stopped a long time ago.

Passion for Web Development

All the education that I went through from pre-school all the way through college, I felt as though I was just going through the motions. I did just enough to get a decent grade and move on. I never has a passion or interest in what I was actually learning. This was also true in my job as a land surveyor. I did just enough to get the work done and work done right, and left it at that. I never felt an urge to learn more about land surveying.

After beginning to learn web development, I eventually realized that I was actually passionate about what I was doing. I knew how it felt and what it meant to actually be passionate about something. After sharing this passion with a few friends and relatives I found that there was actually a high demand for developers. Everyone I talked with either needed some work done on their own website or knew someone who was looking for a web developer and started to do contract work for various people through word of mouth. This led me to realize that I could actually pursue a career in something that I'm passionate about.

Pursuing a Career in Web Development

At the point that I decided to flip my career around and pursue a career in web development, I was doing quite a bit of WordPress and PHP work. I built a WordPress theme site called Serene Themes. Up until this point I had pretty much been self-taught and felt as though I was limited in this regard. I knew that I would have to learn from the professionals to be ready to work as a professional. I had learned quite a bit but knew nothing about web applications and the MVC pattern. I also didn't even fully understand the HTTP protocol and how the web actually works.

As luck would have it, I randomly met a developer who recommended learning Ruby and signing up for a bootcamp. I did some research and discovered Galvanize. I wasn't quite in the financial situation to be able to just pick up and start an intensive bootcamp without any sort of income. I needed something that I could do while I was still working. I discovered Tealeaf Academy and it looked like the perfect fit for me. It's an affordable online self paced bootcamp for learning Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. I completed the bootcamp I'm really thankful to the Tealeaf team for teaching how to build production quality web applications, learning how MVC patterns work as well as learning Test Driven Development.

Embracing the Urge to Learn More

After completing the bootcamp and a few months of going to meetups, networking, and job hunting, I feel as though I am very close to finding the right opportunity. I'm looking forward to learning more, and seeing how web technology will change over the next few decades. It is still a very new career in the history of mankind and can't wait to see how it evolves. I plan to hold onto my passion and continue satisfying my urge to learn more. I also hope to teach others and learn from others in the process. I think this is important for people in any industry, because it will be that much harder to succeed without the passion and desire to learn more.